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Bahasa is a group of languages spoken mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia. While there are a lot of similarities, both Bahasa Malayu and Bahasa Indonesia use distinctly different terminology. In our Bahasa Language Courses, our clients decide on either Bahasa Malayu or Bahasa Indonesia.

Globibo provides 6 levels of the Bahasa language, aligned to the European Standard for language learning:

  • A1 - Bahasa Beginner Level
  • A2 - Bahasa Elementary Level
  • B1 - Bahasa Intermediate Level
  • B2 - Bahasa Upper-Intermediate Level
  • C1 - Bahasa Advanced Level
  • C2 - Bahasa Proficient Level

Special preparation courses for:

a) Bahasa Indonesian proficiency tests:
- UKBI (Uji Kemahiran Berbahasa Indonesia) also called TOIFL (Test of Indonesian as a Foreign Language)
- BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing)
- Official ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)
b) Bahasa Melayu proficiency tests:
- Sijil Kecekapan Bahasa Melayu Bagi Warganegara Asing (SKBMW)(This exam is for Visa purposes)
- The Malay Language Entrance Proficiency Test (ML EPT)
- Official ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)
- IGCSE Malay for foreign language

Features of Globibo Bahasa Language Course:

  • We provide Bahasa Language Courses for different age groups, different industry backgrounds, different learning objectives or purposes.
  • We also provide counseling for the learners to vocalize their learning requirements in a better way
  • Flexible schedule
  • 3 modes of learning are available i.e, Face-to-Face, Virtual Face-to-Face, and mobile application
  • Regular learning assessments
  • Regular Instructor and Student Feedback
  • Customized Bahasa Language Learning Material
  • Special Bahasa Language courses for immigrant learners, army officers, and government employees are available.

Bahasa Language Learning Customization

We are experts in course customization - not just for Bahasa where it is especially important but in all languages. We will work with you to specify every single aspect of your Bahasa Language Learning journey. While we also offer general programs, we execute specific programs customized to various industries like financial services, automotive, healthcare, logistics, oil & gas, hospitality, etc. Those programs focus specifically on adult Bahasa language learning and how to quickly generate learning success for work or social environment.

Bahasa Language Course

Bahasa Language Course Instructors

Our Bahasa Language classes are conducted by experienced native (a-language) Bahasa instructors. Our charming Bahasa instructors have to pass strict criteria set by the Globibo Academic Board in regards to formal qualifications and experience. The key evaluation criteria are 1) formal qualification in teaching Bahasa, 2) experience in teaching Bahasa Language Courses, and 3) native Bahasa language (a-language) / Bahasa cultural background. Based on those criteria all instructors are reviewed before the initial course as well as periodically after receiving customer/student feedback.

Bahasa Language Course Material

We enrich all our Bahasa language courses with a variety of awesome learning aids which have been passionately developed for improved language learning. The learning aids include the unique GlobiBook, GlobiCards, GlobiMaps, GlobiQuiz, and apps like GlobiLearn or GlobiPedia. Furthermore, for industry-specific programs, we have customized a broad spectrum of professional Bahasa Learning aids. Those Bahasa learning aids help the student to achieve faster learning progress and success for whatever learning purpose.

You can request a demo of our Link Studio Bahasa Training platform. Bahasa Language Course Material

Bahasa Language Course Approach

Globibo has conceptualized GLAM as an advanced method of language acquisition and we certainly use this method also for our Bahasa Courses. This method blends the latest knowledge in Bahasa learning and teaching methods based on neuroscience with the experience of thousands of instructors and students around the world. For details on the GLAM approach, please contact us. While Bahasa Language Courses are aligned to other Bahasa Language Proficiency Tests, we also use the classification of CEFR to ensure consistency between the learning levels. A standard Bahasa Language Course consists of 12 lessons of 1.5-2 hours which might not be sufficient for passing potential proficiency tests (for such tests additional preparation lessons might be required). We do offer private and group Bahasa Language Courses. Certainly, all Bahasa Language Courses are based on Globibo's world-class Language Course Material.

Bahasa Language Course Method

Source : GLAM on Slideshare. Example : Video Explaining GlobiCards.

Our Blended Bahasa Learning Program via GlobiLearn allows you to significantly streamline your learning and reduce classroom hours with our instructors. To download our latest Apps, check out your favorite AppStore. For access to the full GlobiLearn Platform, please contact us.

You can request a demo of our Bahasa Link Studio App.

Globibo Language Courses

Please check out our lovingly assembled intro video about our passion for language learning. It summarizes the key approach and methods we use for our Language Courses.

Not looking for Bahasa Language Course? Check out our other popular Languages!

We love all languages, not just Bahasa. So please contact us for more information. If you cant wait, below some basic intro to some of the other more popular languages.

We publish many of our Bahasa courses Online for registration. If you do not find your course, please contact us.

Bahasa Language Courses FAQ

1. Why Should I opt for the Bahasa language course at Globibo?

Our course is not just about teaching you how to speak Bahasa. We follow a comprehensive approach to ensure you find perfection in the language and master it. We have a flexible schedule so that you can learn at a time convenient for you, we provide regular learning assessments, and we have different Bahasa language courses for people of different ages, backgrounds, etc.

2. Do you offer Bahasa language courses for different industries?

Whether you want a customized Bahasa language course for the oil & gas industry, healthcare, hospitality, automotive, or any other, we have it here for you. Globibo facilitates clients with a fully-customizable Bahasa language course that you can join on your terms. Every element included in the learning process can be discussed and molded as per your clients.

2. What special courses do you offer?

In case, you need special preparation courses for the Bahasa Indonesian proficiency test or Bahasa Melayu proficiency test, contact the experts at Globibo today. Our team provides full-fledged courses to help you prepare well for these two tests.

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