Virtual Meetings

Our Virtual Meetings Solutions allow participants to hold meetings in different environments without the hassel of traveling or technical challanges. You can use our integrated web-conferencing tools to communicate with employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. Based on the requirements the Virtual Meeting Solutions support video, audio, screensharing and joint working tools, so effective and efficient communication is ensured. With our existing VM hardward infrastructre, great software solutions, we can bring you up and running within minutes.

Other Virtual Meeting Services

Meeting Infrastructure

Virtual meetings require the right infrastructure to ensure they provide the value they initially targeted. From simple telephone conferencing to sophicisticated video conference strategies, we are sure to impress you with the myriad of choices of solutions we offer. We will identify and assemble the right hardware, software and security architecture so that you can concentrate on the event itself.

Software Solutions

Virtual Meetings require hardware and software components. In regards to the Software Components we can deployed our in-house as well as our hosted virtual meeting solutions. Our virtual meeting software solution combines the best features of video conferencing and web conferencing and is available from anywhere and at any time. You can easily use our solutions to extend the capabilities of existing videoconference products beyond the board or meeting room, or to create an entirely new video communication environment.

Hardware Components

During a Virtual Meeting, the meeting host and the meeting attendees may communicate with each other via audio, video, transfer of files, drawing on shared displays or canvases. Our hardware componenrts will provide you the right infrastructure to make everything possible for you. For virtual meetings, a temporary or a permanent hardware fitting can be established which includes cameras, microphones, speakers, security components, etc.

Security Infrastructure

With our Security Infrastructure we ensure that critical information remains accessible just to individuals which are authorized to have predetermined priviledges. Using different hardward and software technologies we levarage state of the art security strategies to avoid unathorized access. The right security infrastructure also ensures the entire communication complies with internal and external data protection regulations.


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