LED Fairy Light Rental

In many cases it does not make sense to buy a large amount of Fairy Lights if you just need them for 1 event. We therefore rent out fairy light chains from 1 to 100 units for single or multiple day events.

LED Fairy Light Rental

Our LED Fairy lights are warm-light and can be used Indoor and Outdoor. They are battery operated and last for around 36 hours. The white color changes slightly over the battery lifetime from brighter to more dim.

10 meter LED Fairy Lights

Our Fairy Lights are standard units, with standard length. Batteries are not included, but can be provided if wanted.
  • 10m length
  • waterproof
  • 20-30 Micro-LEDs on two enamelled copper wires
  • Silver color wire
  • LED diameter is 3-4MM
  • LED bulb Spacing:2inch or 4inch
  • LED Color : White (warm)
  • Batteries : AA1.5V* 3PCS - last around 36 hours

LED string LED Fairy Light Rental
Battery Pack LED Fairy Light Rental

LED Light Chain Electricity Consumption

The overall consumption and underlying cost depends on the number of lights and cost per KW, but a general cost example is as follows: A chain with 200 lights and wattage of 2.4W (higher than usual) and KW cost of 28.72c/kWh results in a 24 hour operation cost of 1.68 cent. Around 100 LED standard bulbs may consume around 1.2 Watt. Flashing and twinkling lights will consume around double the wattage. Even with a doubling of consumption, the cost of a 1-month 24/7 operation would be still only around 1 dollar. In comparison incandescent lights will cost around 80-100 times more than LED lights. LED lights dont emit a lot of heat and can last for a very long time which make them very cost effective.

Fun Facts about Fairy Lights

1. The 1st time a Christmas tree was illuminated with a string of lights was on 22 December 1882
2. Before that trees had often been lit by candles, a practice said, according to legend, to have been started in the 16th century by Martin Luther
3. The candles were said to evoke the light of the stars shining through trees in a forest
4. Candles on trees were only lit for a few minutes each day, with sand and water ready in case of fire
5. The earliest known candlelit tree in the UK was enjoyed by Queen Victoria in 1832 when she was a 13-year-old princess
6. The first string of electric lights in the UK was for Iolanthe at the D’Oyly Carte opera in 1882
7. The success of Iolanthe contributed to the popularity of the term 'fairy lights'
8. Around 350 people a year are treated in the UK alone for accidents involving fairy lights
9. These accidents include electric shocks, falls when putting them up the lights & children swallowing light bulbs
10. The largest display of fairy lights was a tree in Australia with 518,838 lights

Other Office Equipment Rental

For other related office / event technical equipment, please check out the categories below. For special requirements, please contact us directly.

Projectors, Screens & Displays

Projectors, Screens & Displays

The content of your presentation will be largely determined by the way it is illustrated via the right projector technology in great screens and displays. Taking advantage of our high-tech or cost efficient projectors, displays and screens will enable you to confidently prepare and deliver impactful presentations. Combined with our other office equipment like clickers, remote navigation tools, mulitmedia or interactive white-boards your excellent technology infrastructure will be the best support factor of your presentation.
Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Adapt the technology to suit your office's needs with Mobile and Fixed line phones. Whether to talk to colleagues and clients via wireless conference phones or through the more private Bluetooth headset attached to standard landline business phones, our phone solutions ensure clear communication. Our cordless phone services offer you the added flexibility of engaging in hands-free conversations while tending to other tasks. Purchasing bulk phones and conference phones will also ensure that no one misses any meeting.
Computer & Printers

Computer & Printers

Mix work and play with our wide selection of powerful computers and laptops. Simple to transport, these laptops and computers are compact and lightweight. Wireless laptop computers are also equipped with a large memory chip that enables you to pre-install different software packages based on your requirements. You can also take advantage of laser or inkjet printer's models that can scan, print and fax.
Network Equipment

Network Equipment

Add considerable flexibility to your computing environment with wireless routers, switches, extenders and other networking equipment. Our wireless networking solutions allow you to roam anywhere in your office with your electronic devices so you can share data, files and other rich media with colleagues and clients. With this networking solution, you get all the advantages of added mobility and higher downloading speed while avoiding dead spots.


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