Conference Headsets Rental

Our conference headsets come in an array of styles and capabilities. When planning headsets for your event, it's important to factor in the target group. With us, you can select models that suit the need for any kind of event - from small-scale discussions up to large conferences. Furthermore our global experience in wireless technology provides you access to knowledge to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Conference Headsets Conference Headsets: Numerous advantages

Headsets provide a multitude of advantages over speakers during specific conferences. Headset can for example reduce the echoes that may happen during the large scale conference venues (even though those can be avoided following the right audio strategy).

Headsets Rental: A wide range of products

A fine headset is the one which keeps you away from echo of your own voice while speaking. We provide simple or sophisticated headsets which can be used in events and conferences around the world. Some of our headsets for conference include an adapter. The adapter helps to covert the headsets to a USB plug type headset. We also have headsets for large boardrooms where highest quality of sound is required by all.

We offer wireless headsets as well: such headsets have an array of functionality like cancelling noise and are equipped with the techniques that enhance voice to produce a great quality of sound. Other features include USB interfaces (which helps to transmit audio), padded headband, a mic suitable for the voice recognition software and in?line volume as well as mute control.

Conference Headsets: Providing the functionalities you need

Our headsets provide all the functionality which is required for a healthy participation in voice chats. Clear sound and modern design which looks like a supreme gadget origami is what our headset s promise. Our headsets are dually tested with sound recorder on operating systems such as Windows 7 or 8.

Headset Earphones Rental

During Conferences different ear phones can be used. The headset options consider comfort, audio-volume, hygiene as well as cultural aspects. One of the key information for earphones is the dbV (decibel per Volt). For maximum volume of the audio, please request for the dbV information from us or your earphone provider. Please find below some of the most commonly used options with a brief description for each:

Earhook Rental

Ear hook

The single ear hook is a common option for conferences or environments which should facilitate discussions and communication outside of the device. They are more discreet and often used for high-level political events. It is sometimes a good option for individuals with cultural specific head-wear.

  • Style: Single-sided Ear hook
  • Smitten : default without smitten
  • Communication: Wired
  • Function: Default no Noise Cancelling (for special request, please contact us)
  • Connectors: Standard 3.5mm jack
  • Cable length : around 1m
  • Material: PVC & TPE cable
  • Size : 1 single size
  • Color: Black (other colors upon requests)

Ear hooks are usually reusable and sanitized during exchanges and event breaks. For the max volume please choose ear hooks with high dbV (decibel per volt). For information about different models and special requirements, please contact us.

 Headband Rental


The conferences headbands are a very commonly used option due to the comfort and audio quality. Compared to 2-sided earbuds they allow for background noise and are less isolating. The size is adjustable and smitten can be changed / cleaned separately.

  • Style: Two-sided Headband with smitten
  • Communication: Wired
  • Function: Noise Cancelling
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • Cable length : around 1m
  • Material: PVC&TPE cable
  • Size : expandable frame
  • Color: Black

Headbands can be for 1-time usage (disposable) or reusable. From a sustainability perspective, we truly recommend reusable headsets. Reusable headsets also allow for slightly better models with keeping the cost efficient.

Neckband Rental


The neckband avoids contact with the hair or head-cover. This has advantages for individuals with special hair-styles or head-wear. With 2-sided smitten they allow for clearer audio transmission.

  • Style: Neckband
  • Communication: Wired
  • Function: Default no Noise Cancellation
  • Connectors: 3.5 mm
  • Cable length : around 1m
  • Material: PVC & TPE cable
  • Color: Black (other colors on request)
  • Frame : Often size not expandable

Neckbands are not very often used any more and stock is limited. For customized neckbands (e.g. brand name / logo on the earcover), please provide us your specification early for printing. Contact us for more information.

Earbuds Rental

Ear Buds

Ear Buds are a very low cost options and exist as single or multiple use devices. They can be more easily branded to a specific event and disposable options are commonly used during events. Earbuds can provide better background noise isolation but may also become uncomfortable after some time.

  • Style: Single or double-sided Ear buds (single or multiple use)
  • Communication: Wired
  • Function: Default no Noise Cancellation
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • Cable length : around 1m
  • Material: PVC&TPE cable
  • Color: Black, Grey, White

Eer buds (especially cheaper version) may have very low maximum volume. For the max volume please choose ear buds with high dbV (decibel per volt). For help on the selection, please contact us.

Due to the low cost of Ear buds very often disposable options are chosen. From a sustainability point of view, we would like to request to avoid disposable options and choose lower-cost reusable options.

Conference Equipment Rental

Conference Microphones

Conference Microphones

Nothing stimulates pro-audio nostalgia like good microphones. The quality of the microphones is a critical success factor of events. With the right technology of the microphones and control system you can ensure that you will make a great impression. Our next generation of conference systems builds on a legacy of flexible and reliable products that have been in successful operation for decades worldwide. Our System is immune to interference like from communication devices such as mobile phones, WLAN or Bluetooth or light-systems.

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Conference Audio Speakers

Conference Audio Speakers

Audio Speakers are remarkable simple devices of technology that really are an important components of a successful event. While Home audio speakers help you enjoy HD sound along with your HD picture for a well-rounded home entertainment experience whether you are gaming or watching movies, event audio systems are geared towards critical success factors to ensure the best audio quality in small or larger venues. You can choose from different types of speakers such as Active Speakers, passive speakers, studio speakers and subwoofer speakers for your sound system.

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Conference Headsets

Conference Headsets

Our headsets come in an array of styles and capabilities. When planning headsets for your event, it's important to factor in the target group. With us, you can select models that suit the need for any kind of event - from small-scale discussions up to large conferences. Furthermore our global experience in wireless technology provides you access to knowledge to ensure your event runs smoothly.

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Conference Moderation Software

Conference Moderation Software

Our moderation software can be used for almost any application that requires sharp filtering of priorities, sequences, vulgarity or personal information. Moderators also focus on the complicated situations that require human interference. The moderation feature allows users to submit their content changes for approval or rejection before they are published or put online. You can go for one or several content moderators that are designated to enable moderation of all microphones via a central software solution.

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"Very professional and flexible. Our event ran very smoothly."

Jess Mondragon
Virtual AGM - Governing Sports Body

"We used Globibo’s Virtual AGM platform for our organization’s Annual General Meeting in 2020 and it went exceptionally well. Not just the platform but especially the team was very supportive in making sure the entire event created a great experience for our shareholders. Also, our auditors were impressed by the setup."

Head Client Relationship at International Financial Services Company

"To the great relief of our management team, the entire event went very well. Great technical support by the team throughout the meeting even supporting outside the normal event hours."

Senior Manager of Investor Relations at International Logistics Group

"We have used pre-registration services, pre-voting, as well as the Virtual AGM platform. Despite some challenges on our side, the overall process went to our full satisfaction. We will definitely keep on using the platform."

VP IR, International Retail Group


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