Globibo - CEFR Positioning Estimation (Mandarin)

Please try to translate the following sentences. This is a self-assessment to determine the ideal language course level for you. If you provide a wrong self-evaluation, your language course will not help you to learn anything. The question increase in difficulty to determine your current level.

I come from the United States.   Check Yourself
She is thirty-two years old.   Check Yourself
Can I speak to Mr. Smith ?   Check Yourself
Where do I find the bathroom ?   Check Yourself
Does she want to go the cinema ?   Check Yourself
Have you ever travelled to Australia ?    Check Yourself
Will you join the meeting ?    Check Yourself
It is half past seven.   Check Yourself
I am always hungry.   Check Yourself
I would have wanted to come.   Check Yourself
Where is the airport ?   Check Yourself
He has been living in Singapore for 5 years.   Check Yourself
Who drinks beer ?   Check Yourself
We have 2 sons and 1 daughter.   Check Yourself
I do not like mondays.   Check Yourself

CEFR is an industry standard and structures the proficency of speaking a language into 9 categories: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. This quiz evaluates level A1-B1. For more information please visit
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